Vision Statement

Leading society to a greater level of health through neurologically-focused Chiropractic care.

Statement of Purpose

The Alliance For Chiropractic exists to heighten public awareness of Chiropractic Life Principles and the multitude of health benefits associated with experiencing Chiropractic care provided in a Principle-Centered, Neurologically-based Wellness Model.

Our Mission is to increase society’s understanding of the Chiropractic Wellness Lifestyle and the power of Chiropractic to increase the expression of human life potential. This will result in an increase in the utilization of chiropractic as a means of promoting health. The ultimate benefit of this strategy will be a reversal in society’s current trend to a progressive downward spiral in health and well being.

We will educate the public on these basic tenets by all means possible with the conviction that Chiropractic care is an integral aspect of creating and maintaining the health of people of all ages. We will disseminate all applicable information in a rational, logical and scientifically valid manner, and will defend ourselves vigorously against any and all attempts to restrict our ability to share this information. Increased public awareness of this vital information will dramatically enhance our communities’ ability to make informed health care choices for themselves and their families and subsequently enhance their life experience.

Finally, The Alliance For Chiropractic supports both its members and its allies in their ability to fulfill our Vision on an individual, local, national and international level.

Alliance For Chiropractic Policies

The Alliance For Chiropractic has developed policies on various issues that supports AFC’s Purpose.

New policies will be added here as deemed necessary. If you have any questions regarding the AFC Policies please contact the AFC. If you have any concerns which you feel the AFC should address with a new policy please let us know.