The Alliance For Chiropractic believes strongly that we hold Chiropractors to a higher professional standard of excellence.  On September 25, 2018, the College of Chiropractors of Ontario requested feedback from members on the matter of “Conflict of Interest Considerations”.  The Alliance For Chiropractic is requesting that all members of the CCO provide feedback. 

The request for feedback includes how long of a “cooling off period” should be required before sitting on the CCO Board of Directors.  Specifically, the AFC contends that the requirement of twelve months is a sufficient and reasonable time period.  However, we find it inappropriate that paid faculty including professors and clinicians of any educational institution are not included.  Therefore, we insist that they be included amongst those who qualify to sit on the CCO Board of Directors.

We would also recommend that members insist that any discipline hearings be heard by a panel of your peers.  It is not satisfactory to include Chiropractors on a peer panel that have spent little time in private practice or have exclusively been researchers, professors or faculty at an educational institution.  We recommend that a peer sitting on a hearing panel must have spent at least five years in private practice. 

We are asking all of our members to band together and insist that the CCO change this recommendation to include faculty/staff and to provide fair and unbiased peers at the disciplinary level. The deadline for feedback is October 23, 2018.  Please do not let this opportunity to have our voice heard.  There is no place for apathy at this time. The AFC believe that a group of committed individuals can make change for the positive.

Please share your thoughts with the CCO today:

Are real or potential conflicts of interest considerations sufficiently addressed in the current provisions to ensure CCO can effectively exercise its statutory mandate to regulate chiropractic in the public interest?

Please identify any changes to existing provisions that would facilitate CCO in effectively exercising its statutory mandate to regulate in the public interest (please explain your response):

Please identify other associations or organizations that should be included or excluded in the references to conflict of interest in the existing provisions (please include full name as well as acronym if any):

Conflict of interest provisions positively or negatively affect the public in the following ways (if no effect, please indicate that):

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