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sigafoose80Title: SpringCon13 – Dr. Jim Sigafoose

We had the special treat of hearing and seeing a living legend in chiropractic, Dr. Jim Sigafoose. In this talk Dr. Sigafoose will explain the formula he used to build his practice where he served 100’s of people every day. Apply these ideas to your practice and watch it grow in the same manner.

wendlandcolby80Title: SpringCon14 – Dr. Kathy Wendland-Colby

This powerful message from Dr. Kathy Wendland-Colby about the principle of chiropractic is sure to please. She wants you to be THE chiropractor in your community and she tells you how to do it. It is sure to inspire you.

lemarche80Title: SpringCon13 – Dr. Gilles Lamarche

The opening speaker for SpringCon 2014 was a great launch into a great weekend. Dr. Gilles Lemarche is a passionate about chiropractic and always shares from his heart. Enjoy this great message about the BIG Idea that we all love and how you can better serve your community with it.

drguyriekeman80Title: Interview with Dr. Guy Riekeman

This is an interview with Dr. Guy Riekeman by Spinal Column Radio. Dr. Riekeman speaks about the essence of chiropractic and helps to define our specific role in health care. Dr. Riekeman is an unmatched leader in the chiropractic profession.

drreggiegold80Title: Interview with Dr. Reggie Gold

An interview by Spinal Column Radio with the legend, Dr. Reggie Gold. Dr. Reggie was one of the best presenters on chiropractic. His ability to make the concepts of chiropractic logical and easy to embrace are matched by none.

drirenegold80Title: Interview with Dr. Irene Gold

This is an interview with Dr. Irene Gold by Spinal Column Radio. Dr. Irene was a big part of the driving force of Dr. Reggie Gold and in this talk she shares some highlights of they journey together as they brought chiropractic to the world. A very powerful presentation from a very powerful woman. After Dr. Irene’s interview you will also get to listen to some bonus tracks from Dr. Reggie including his famous talk The Valley of the Blind.

drjameschestnut80Title: Interview with Dr. James Chestnut

Dr. James Chestnut is a powerful force in chiropractic. He is an author, speaker, and trainer. His deep understanding of chiropractic philosophy and his acute research skills have taken this healing art and profession to new heights. Enjoy the message of this gifted speaker.

drbrucelipton80Title: Interview with Dr. Bruce Lipton

Dr. Bruce Lipton is a cellular biologist and champion for chiropractic. His research has shown how the medical model is outdated and flawed and that the chiropractic vitalistic model is the reality we all live in. He is an author of several books, he was a professor at Palmer Chiropractic College, and he is now a highly sought after speaker on the “new” paradigm of health and healing.

presidentsTitle: Interview with the Presidents

This is a special interview with three presidents of three ChiropracTIC schools. You will enjoy the message of Dr. Guy Riekeman of Life University, Dr. Fabrizio Mancini of Parker University, and Dr. Brian Kelly of Life West Chiropractic College.

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