1. Walter Roberts Insurance 

  • 2%/yr for AFC members
  • additional 2%/yr with 3yrs loyalty
  • waive $150 admin fee for AFC members
  • 2M policy upgraded to 3M at no additional cost

2. Torque Release Seminars

  • 10% off seminar fees for AFC members

3. Synpractic

  • 195/mo complete Chiropractic Marketing strategies
  • Prepared marketing complete with supporting media (computer and print) along with templates and powerpoint slides

4. Chiropractic Leadership Alliance

  • 10% of regular pricing

5. Chirowebs

  • 10% savings on website creation, hosting, digital marketing, and more.

6. AON

  • discounted rates on malpractice insurance

7. Life Vision Seminars

  • Save 10% on registration of Life Vision Seminars.

8. Minardi Education

  • $200CAD discount on Thompson Technique Series

9. Wellness Media

  • 15% discount on all chiropractic and wellness products

10. Dr. Jenna Davis/ Baby Boom Creations

  • $100USD discount on seminars

11. Dr. Theresa Lisk – First Aid & CPR C Training

  • 20% discount on the required Emergency First Aid & CPR C course. Her courses are directed towards Chiropractors and their staff with specific in office examples.

Join the AFC today and receive all of these perks!

$333.35 Annually. You save $66!
Voting Privileges.

$33.34 Monthly. Voting Privileges.

$113.00 Annually. Voting Privileges.

$56.50. Voting Privileges.

$169.50. Voting Privileges.

$28.25 one time investment until Graduation.

$113.00 Annually. Not available to Ontario DC’s.

$28.25 Annually.

Please set up under their own account. Then in the application form, please indicate the DC’s name and office.

$333.35 Annually.

DCs (common law/spouse)
$500 Annually.

The renewal date for every AFC member will be on the anniversary of their joining. Please note the fees include 13% HST.