Along with savings from our strategic alliances, AFC members also receive access to the video recording of past AFC events.

1. Walter Roberts Insurance 

  • 2%/yr for AFC members
  • additional 2%/yr with 3yrs loyalty
  • waive $150 admin fee for AFC members
  • 2M policy upgraded to 3M at no additional cost

2. Torque Release Seminars

  • 10% off seminar fees for AFC members

3. Synpractic

  • 195/mo complete Chiropractic Marketing strategies
  • Prepared marketing complete with supporting media (computer and print) along with templates and powerpoint slides

4. Chiropractic Leadership Alliance

  • 10% of regular pricing

5. Chirowebs

  • 10% savings on website creation, hosting, digital marketing, and more.

6. AON

  • discounted rates on malpractice insurance

7. Life Vision Seminars

  • Save 10% on registration of Life Vision Seminars.

8. Minardi Education

  • $200CAD discount on Thompson Technique Series

9. Wellness Media

  • 15% discount on all chiropractic and wellness products

10. Dr. Jenna Davis/ Baby Boom Creations

  • $100USD discount on seminars

11. Dr. Theresa Lisk – First Aid & CPR C Training

  • 20% discount on the required Emergency First Aid & CPR C course. Her courses are directed towards Chiropractors and their staff with specific in office examples.

12. The Reality Check from Haavik Research

13. Full Circle Coaching and Consulting

13. On Purpose On Purpose with Christopher Kent, DC, JD & Patrick Gentempo, DC

  • Save 10% when you subscribe to On Purpose. Use the coupon purpose, to receive this savings. Applies to new subscribers only.

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$28.25 Annually.

Please set up under their own account. Then in the application form, please indicate the DC’s name and office.

$333.35 Annually.

DCs (common law/spouse)
$500 Annually.

Memberships are renewed automatically. Membership fees include 13% HST.