Strategic Alliances (Member Perks)


1. Walter Roberts Insurance 

• 2%/yr for CAC members
• 3 year loyalty receives an additional 2% discount
• CAC members waive the $150/yr admin fee
• if have a 2M/yr policy have been upgraded to 3M/yr policy at no additional fee

2. Torque Release Seminars
• 10% off seminar fees for CAC members

3. Synpractic
• 195/mo complete Chiropractic Marketing strategies
• Prepared marketing complete with supporting media (computer and print) along with templates and powerpoint slides

4. Chiropractic Leadership Alliance
• 10% of REGULAR pricing

5. Chirowebs – Dr. Michael Beattie
• discount for monthly website maintenance/administration

6. AON
• discounted rates on malpractice insurance

7. My Web Solutions
• reduced rates on custom built digital marketing services

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