April 7-8, 2017


Dr. Jenna Davis


Dr. Jenna Davis owns a highly successful family wellness multidisciplinary clinic, Acorn Family Health and Wellness Centre, in Oakville, Ontario. She is a family chiropractor focusing on preconception, infertility, pre- and postnatal care, pediatrics, and women’s health. Dr. Davis loves working with families in all stages and has a unique ability to educate her practice members so they feel heard, honoured and understand how chiropractic can improve their function and life. She has a passion for educating and is an avid lecturer both in and out of her office. Dr. Jenna Davis is an author, educator and travels around the world sharing information on the power of communication, infertility, team approach to health and wellness, secrets to adjusting pediatrics and prenatal patients, women’s health, niche marketing, finding your true passion and work/life balance. Dr. Davis has been a featured speaker on many stages in Canada, the United States and Australia. She prides herself on her continual quest for the newest information and research and is a lifelong learner. Dr. Davis has done extensive postgraduate work and continues to expand and grow her knowledge base and resource team to give the best care possible to her practice members and the audiences she has the honour to present to. Dr. Davis utilizes her life and work experiences and challenges to help others learn and grow and, in turn, help chiropractic and chiropractors grow and flourish.

Dr. Matthew Loop


Dr. Matthew Loop is the #1 best selling author of Social Media Made Me Rich, a chiropractor, speaker, and the highest paid social media revenue strategist in North America. He’s the president of DCincome and has trained over 7,700 chiropractors how to grow their practices with powerful online platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Google, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Since social media’s infancy in 2005, he’s been successfullyteaching doctors and entrepreneurs how to reach and impact more.

Dr. Tracy Wilson


Dr. Wilson’s life endeavor is to educate all of humanity about chiropractic and its purpose in creating better health and well being. His enthusiasm, character, passion, and knowledge bring an exciting and mind changing experience to his seminars and workshops. He maintains a private practice focusing on family wellness, while he travels around the country helping other doctors expand their knowledge, skill, and passion in the family, pediatric, and the cash realm of practice.

Dr. Wilson’s personal mission is to inspire, educate, and motivate all human beings to a higher state of living through his hands, his heart, his mind, and his actions. His practice mission is to give a new vision of wellness possiblities, while locating and correcting subluxations, which are severe life diminishing nerve interfences, as well as giving healthy lifestyle choices – and by doing so he is increasing each persons life potential.

To accomplish these missions he has created “The Wellness Village” which has 4 doctors of chiropractic, 10 massage therapist, 1 professional counselor, and a complete nutrition store, with a smoothie and coffee bar and healthy café.

Dr. Troy Dukowitz


Dr. Troy Dukowitz and his wife Leah run a busy family based practice in Swansea, IL.  He owns OYA Coaching which was developed to help doctors create a greater impact in their  communities.  Dr. Troy is the director of the life changing experience known as Total Solution (  He speaks for chiropractic organizations, functions and gatherings all across the country and around the world.

He is the founder of EPOC ( which was created to help unify chiropractors and create greater energy and support in the chiropractic community.  These epicenters are popping up all across the country and helping to create a greater unity for the philosophically driven chiropractor.

Dr. Jamie Richards


I really struggled early on in practice… but it was through that struggle that I learned how to communicate chiropractic and ALL the components of Life By Design in such a clear and concise manner. It’s funny, because I was always clear on chiropractic… I just needed to get clear on myself.

My expertise is in helping you communicate chiropractic in a way that your community and future patients will care about. If you want to make your first visit or report of findings better, if you want to create an annual review that sparks a solid agreement with all of your patients, or learn how to fill your events and become exceptional at leading them from the table… than I am your man!

How can I promise all this?

Because I’ve created it in my practice… 3 times… from scratch and done it over and over again with our clients.

I love spending time with my wife and family, love creating anything and love being CEO of Life By Design Inc.

My passion lies in helping you create the practice that YOU have always wanted.



Friday Night Wine & Cheese 8-10pm
(price incl. with registration)

RSVP necessary to receive complimentary drink tickets for you and your team!

Let’s get together, network and mingle in the expo area and have some fun!  Light snacks and drinks will be available.


(Counts towards up to 7 hours of Continuing Education)



2:30 pm Registration Open Foyer
2:30 pm Expo Opens Sutton Hall A
4:00 pm Opening Welcome Dr. Craig Hazel Sutton Hall B+C
4:15 pm – 5:00 pm Mastering Your Message

Dr. Tracy Wilson Sutton Hall B+C
5:00 pm – 6:00 pm Expo Break/Dinner Sutton Hall A
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm Social Media Strategies That Quickly Grow Your Impact and Practice Income Dr. Matthew Loop Sutton Hall B+C
8:00 pm – 9:00 pm Mentoring Session  ALL Sutton Hall B+C
8:00 pm – 11:00 pm Wine & Cheese Reception Sutton Hall A and Foyer



8:00 am Registration Open Foyer
8:00 am Expo Opens Sutton Hall A
8:30 am Opening Session Dr. Craig Hazel Sutton Hall B+C
8:40 am – 10:00 am ‎From Infancy to Teenage Years: How to Attract, Retain and Communicate

Dr. Jenna Davis Sutton Hall B+C
10:00 am – 10:30 am Expo Break Sutton Hall A
10:30 am – 11:50 am The Perfect Trilogy – The Science, Philosophy, and Art of Chiropractic

Dr. Tracy Wilson Sutton Hall B+C
10:30 am – 11:50 am CA Breakout

Dr. Troy Dukowitz /
Dr. Jamie Richards
Plaza Room A
12:00 nn – 1:30 pm Expo and Lunch Break  Lunch Included Sutton Hall A and Foyer
1:30 pm – 2:50 pm Everything You Need To Know To Build A Retention Based Practice Dr. Jamie Richards Sutton Hall B+C
2:50 pm – 3:10 pm Expo Break Sutton Hall A
3:10 pm – 4:30 pm Stand and Deliver: Communication Strategies Of A Leader

 Dr. Troy Dukowitz Sutton Hall B+C
4:30 pm – 4:50 pm Expo Break Sutton Hall A
4:50 pm – 5:15 pm Closing Ceremony  AFC Board Sutton Hall B+C


The Westin Bristol Place Toronto Airport


950 Dixon Road,

Toronto, Ontario M9W 5N4

Phone: +1 416-675-9444


Room block extension until April 1.


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*All proceeds go to Australian Spinal Research Foundation



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Doctor – $297
Doctor 1st and 2nd Year – $197
Office (2 DC & 2 Staff) – $699
Student – $107
Staff/Significant Other – $107

Regular Fee:

Doctor – $397
Doctor 1st and 2nd Year – $297
Office (2 DC & 2 Staff) – $899
Student – $157
Staff/Significant Other – $157


(Ends on March 20)



Doctor – $397
Doctor 1st and 2nd Year – $297
Office (2 DC & 2 Staff) – $899
Student – $147
Staff/Significant Other – $147

Regular Fee:

Doctor – $497
Doctor 1st and 2nd Year – $397
Office (2 DC & 2 Staff) – $1099
Student – $197
Staff/Significant Other – $197


Registration Fees Include:

• Coffee/tea and nutrition breaks
• Wine & cheese reception Friday night
• Reduced rate parking (only $10/day)
• Free airport shuttle
• Free wifi in the hotel room
• Room Block Rate starting at $129/night
• Info to build you AND your practice
• CA breakout for your team
• All the SPIZZ you can handle


*All proceeds go to the Australian Spinal Research Foundation


If you feel that you need some individual guidance or are in search of direction, AFC Mentors are ready to meet your needs. Discuss your concerns or look for guideance and ideas with DCs and CAs that have experienced discouraging obstacles and victory in practice. Sign up for the mentoring session held on Friday night in the Ballroom over snacks and a beverage of choice between 8-9pm. Please ensure to state the topic(s) you are most interested in, (for ex. pediatrics, marketing, practice growth, team building, being on purpose, philosophy, etc) so we can pair you up. Bring your inquiries and note pads and let’s have some fun.






*All proceeds go to the Australian Spinal Research Foundation