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Subluxation and the Chiropractic Adjustment are the Core of our Profession.

The purpose of the Alliance For Chiropractic is to strengthen, restore, and reinforce the personal/professional impact of neurologically-based Chiropractors. We also want to ensure the political freedom to practice scientifically-based, neurologically sound Chiropractic. And we provide educational resources to deliver an exceptional level of service to our members.

Our vision is that every man, woman, and child has access to subluxation-based Chiropractic delivered with exceptional skill, compassion, and integrity.

Through the integrity of keeping our actions transparent and congruent with our vision, accountable, innovative thought-leaders who take responsibility for the future of Chiropractic by taking action now, we are able to be leaders that inspire and empower the certainty, credibility, and vision of our members.

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What is the direction of the AFC

We are here to empower chiropractors and their teams with information, knowledge and certainty to spread the chiropractic message and, in turn, educate their communities. We will continue to maintain a strong presence with our provincial and national regulatory bodies and associations to ensure that the vision and intent of chiropractic is heard and represented.

What do we represent

After reviewing our most recent survey, the general perception is that previously the CAC espoused a hardline, “straight” Chiropractic vision. The reality is that the AFC (previously CAC) is pro subluxation, neurologically-based chiropractic. We are an inclusive tribe to our chiropractic colleagues. Our vision is to see neurologically based chiropractors as true leaders in health care for every community and that every man, woman, and child has access to subluxation-based chiropractic delivered with exceptional skill, compassion, and integrity. The chiropractic adjustment is the cornerstone to chiropractic and for those chiropractors who choose to add other services for their practice members in conjunction with the chiropractic adjustment are welcome members of the AFC.

The position of the AFC on the ability to prescribe medication

The profession of chiropractic was created out of the need for a natural alternative healthcare solution. We at the AFC are strongly opposed to the inclusion of prescriptive rights in chiropractic. We recognize that the practice of chiropractic focuses on removing interference to the inherent recuperative abilities of the body to heal itself. Chiropractic and the principles it was founded on must remain drug-free.

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