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Dr. Craig Hazel – Chair

Ever since my first chiropractic adjustment, I fell in love with the profession. As a child who suffered repeatedly from chronic bronchitis, migraines headaches and sinus issues, I was released from my infirmary. I fell in love with the principles upon which the profession of chiropractic was founded. I believe that chiropractic chose me.

Being in practice for over a decade and being involved in chiropractic in many different way, I feel compelled and humbly honored to serve on the board of directors of the CAC. The public needs and wants what our living philosophy espouses. We are poised to bring the message of hope and healing to our communities more than ever. It needs to be a principled message. The CAC will have the loudest voice.

I live life out loud everyday in my office. I am blessed to have my wife Sarah and our two kids by our side. I look to the future of what chiropractic holds for humanity. I will do whatever it takes to serve and with my talents, gifts and abilities to move this profession forward. We will work to raise the awareness and esteem of subluxation based chiropractic in Ontario and beyond. From above-down.

Dr. Josh Gelber

After my experience at SpringCon2014, I knew I needed to join this tribe.  With a 5+ year role as the president of the North York Chiropractic Society, I have felt a calling to inspire and lead local and even non-­local chiropractors to find their inner passion, their love for what we get to do, and embrace it. Speaking to Dr. Steven Silk at SpringCon2015 only further solidified my interest, and I emphatically told him, “I want IN”. I can’t help wanting to support other chiropractors, the general public, my family and friends, so it only felt natural to express my interest in becoming Director and be a part of something impactful and meaningful. Now with a few years under my belt, it truly is rewarding to take a stand with AFC’s Mission and Vision, and fight for chiropractic’s independence, the freedom of choice for my community, my city, my province and my country.

Having begun practice in 2004 in a subluxation-model practice, this way of thinking and expressing myself and sharing with colleagues and the public is simply an innate action; I’m proud to be an evidence-informed, patient dedicated chiropractor.  Now in my 3rd practice location, my message has only become stronger, clearer, more passionate.  I used to look “up” to the mentors, the rockstar chiropractors in North America in awe; they were so accomplished, had achieved so much, and were icons.  I now exude the confidence to stand amongst them, to share MY experience, my unique energy and abilities, and being an AFC director has become more of an honour and a privilege.

When my wife Caroline and I were blessed with our first child, Hayden (2016), things got even more real.  He’s the future, and I want to do whatever I can to shape and mold the circumstances he’ll live into!

Dr. Jenna Davis

My journey towards becoming a chiropractor began after repeated serious injuries as a young competitive gymnast forced me to quit a sport I loved. The injuries continued to plague me throughout my teenage years and impacted my activities and life. I was the lead in my high school production and once again I was laid up, flat on my back, due to severe pain and my director sent me to his chiropractor and from there my healing began.

When the opportunity presented itself and I was asked to accept the honour of being on the Board of Directors of the C.A.C. it was a no-brainer. This organization is congruent with my vision and philosophy on chiropractic, is willing to stand for the principles of chiropractic and not back down from a fight. The C.A.C. believes in principle-centered, neurologically-based chiropractic in a wellness model…I love the C.A.C. because it loves what I love! I will bring my 110%, my clear, unwavering vision for chiropractic and my certainty on the true power of chiropractic to my role on the C.A.C. I will ensure I continue to push forward to help my fellow chiropractors find their way so we can continue to grow, learn, serve and stand strong to help start changing the health and wellness of our world. We are needed….it is time!

Dr. Brian Ferguson

When I was given the chance to joined the AFC, I jumped! It was the perfect way I could help support principle Chiropractic. I’m also an active member of the College of the Chiropractors of Ontario, Canadian Chiropractic Association, Ontario Chiropractic Association, and the Dufferin Chiropractic Society.

Dr. Ferguson believes in living life to it’s fullest capacity. As such he has completed over 30 triathlons (including Ironman USA Lake Placid 2003, Ironman Canada 2005, and Ironman Switzerland 2007). He also plays softball, golf, mountain biking, weight training, kayaking, and tennis. He knows he wouldn’t be able to live this intense athletic lifestyle without experiencing the benefits of Chiropractic.

Now he welcomes the opportunity to secure the future of Principled Chiropractic for his and future generations.

Dr. Brian Moore

Dr. Nicole Lederman

On the road to a career in medicine, or so I thought, migraine headaches led me to a Chiropractor. This Chiropractor taught me that true healing comes from inside of each of us, as long as the body is functioning properly through the guidance and coordination of the nervous system. This simple yet magnificent idea changed my life. I went on to graduate from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College.

After practicing for several years in Ontario my husband and I moved to Texas. I was lucky enough to stumble into a Clinical and Academic teaching position at Parker University and I became a speaker for Parker Seminars. It was such a privilege to work with the upcoming new doctors and to pass on the amazing gift of Chiropractic the way it was handed to me. After 11 years of teaching and part time practice it was time to move home to Ontario and start a new adventure.

My mission is to have everyone understand the importance of having their nerve system checked for subluxation and how that relates to a life filled with health and vitality.

Dr Robert Landriault